Monday, December 4, 2006


Spent the entire %#@*&! day at the %#@*&! taller (repair shop - pronounced %#@*&! ta-YAIR). Took my pickup in to get the oil leak looked at. Arrived at 7:30AM and left at 6:30PM. Looks like the rings are shot. There's oil in the turbo and all of the hoses in and out of it. The car needs to go to S. Jose on a flatbed. I spent four hours on the phone with the dealer there who doesn't want to honor the warranty. I'm counting to 10... No 10,000. There will be plenty here for a future post when this is finished.

Yesterday, some %#@*&! thugs ran over a guy I know. He's less than popular with a local developer and his investors. The guy's tenacity shut down the developer's construction project. There was a confrontation in the street in front of the project. Five guys in two pickups - one of them wearing a t-shirt with the developer's company name on it - sandwiched his quad between their trucks, front to back. He jumped off the quad and one of the trucks backed up, sped forward and sandwiched him along side the other truck, then gunned it, rolled him like dough along the side of the truck while striking it, and then took off. The second truck took off with him lying in the street screaming in pain. I mean, the guy's not perfect, but gimme a %#@*&! break!

A friend of mine called 911 - no answer. She called the cops at the police station in the neighboring town - no answer. She then called Deadwood's finest rent-a-cops and finally got a response. The ambulance showed up 45 minutes later. He was released from the hospital today. I ran into him, his girlfriend, his lawyer and one of the witnesses on my lunch break from the taller. 2 broken ribs, a broken shoulder, a sprained neck and a lot of bruises.

The %#@*&! Soprano's have arrived in Deadwood.

The weather today was nice, though.

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