Sunday, December 3, 2006


There's a mayoral election in Carillo today. In Costa Rica, the sale of alcohol is prohibited during the 2 days prior to the election and on election day. I'm not really sure why this law was passed or what purpose it serves. Of course, I was never able to understand why I couldn't buy beer before noon on a Sunday. Puritanical hypocracy, I guess.

Anyway, the police visit all of the bars, hotels, restaurants and mini-super's in the area and put tape over the doors of all of the liquor cabinets and refrigerators with the words "Cerrado! Municipalidad de Carrillo. Blah, blah, blah!". If the tape is broken or missing, it is assumed that you have been selling alcohol and your establishment is fined. Or you just give the police money to go away, usually a better deal.

Which means it's the weekend and I can't get a drink! Well, almost. My sister-in-law runs the family restaurant at the beach. My brother-in-law has figured a way to get the tape off of the stainless steel Imperial fridge and be able to put it back without it's removal being detected. Why is it always so much more fun to drink when it's illegal?

See you at the beach! Pura vida! Salud!

P.S.: Ticos have their elections on Sunday - a day when no one works. You go to church, you go to the polls. Wake up USA!

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