Thursday, December 14, 2006


Waiting... Or Hoping. You usually do both together - hope you don't have to wait so long. It's a national pastime here. I've been waiting 40 minutes for a month for the A/C guy to get here to complete a job that should have taken a day or two.

1st day he shows up on a Sunday to do an install of 2 units. He shows up with his wife and 2 kids who are waiting for him to finish so they can go to the beach. Doesn't have the right tools. I lend him some of mine. Tries to run the condensate tubes between the jambs of my new windows and the wall. I tell him I don't want to see them - duh. Well then, I need condensate pumps. Fine, go to the beach with your family, order the pumps and call me when you're ready. 1 week later the pumps arrive. 110 v instead of 220 v. Reorder. 1 week later the pumps arrive. He comes back only to realize that he doesn't have the pumps in his truck. 3 days more of waiting 40 minutes. Calls me to tell me he's coming. But forgets the condesate tubing. 3 more days of waitng 40 minutes. Arrives yesterday and complete's the work. I awaken this AM to a noise coming from somewhere outside the house. The condensers have been running all night with the fans on the inside turned off. There is ice all over the tubing on the outside, up into the roof all the way to the fans. I throw the breakers. The thawing process starts. There are towels under the fans to collect the melting ice. The melting ice has soaked the ceiling. I will have to repaint. Am waiting now 40 minutes for 3 hours for them to come and fix the hookup so that when I turn the A/C off the A/C is turned off.

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