Friday, December 8, 2006


This could be my last post for awhile. My new house has no telephone or internet as of now, and only God knows how long it will be until it will. I have to buy galvanized poles for ICE, the telephone company, to run their wires down our private road from the main road. All of the fereteria's are out of 2.5" dia. poles. The cable guys will probably use the same poles once I have them installed, and once I buy the cable to get from the main road to the house. But who knows. They've been threatening to come out to take a look at how to get cable to the house for 3 weeks. But I'll be able to logon to a wireless network at the hotel of a friend of mine, so the hiatus might not be as long as I fear.

Today is D-day - the final moving wave. The A/C guy STILL isn't finished and is threatening to show up today to finally complete his work, just like the day before, and the day before that. We shall see... Pura vida!

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