Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dis 'n' Dat

My dog, Appellido, has some sort of fungus or skin thing going on below his eye and on his head. The vet gave me a cream for it but it's only gotten worse. The locals tell me it's sarna and vets don't know how to cure it. Judging by the dry bald spots that have continued to grow on him for the last month after daily applications of the vet's cream, I would be inclined to agree. The old ticos use a leaf from the arbol madero (madero tree) to make a tea and bathe the dog with it. Apparently, there's one on the property. But I have to have my father-in-law show me which one it is. They also use some sort of shoe cleaner for treating it - and athlete's foot too. I'll probably end up giving both a try.

Both of my dogs - to which I now reference as "the Bumpas' dogs" (from the Christmas classic "A Christmas Story"), are raiding my neighbors burn pile of trash. They have a special affinity for dirty Pampers. I'm about to kill them both and cremate them on the burn pile.

The cable company wants to charge me $850 for the beefier cable I'll need to get service to the house. They will not be able to use the poles I installed for the phone lines (ICE did give us a solicitud de servicio finally. When they will show up.... ???). Needless to say, I'm searching for other options for TV/Internet. Satellite comes to mind, but RACSA has a monopoly on broadband and only works with ICE and the local cable companies to provide broadband. Resourcefulness is Salvation here. Brainstorming... Perhaps DSL on my new phone lines.

Working on selling some of my family's property here to pick up some extra cash to fill the money pit. Between the sellers and the potential buyers, it's quite the challenge. It always amazes me how grown people can regress to a grade school playground mentality in matters of business. "I call no leads, outs on one bounce, no girls and the mine field of horse shit in left field out of bounds and an automatic out - or I'm taking my ball and going home!" Paaaleeease!

My pickup should be ready tomorrow. I should have it Thursday. Finally, I'll be able to start hauling some big items again and start getting things back on track for completing the interior of the house. I have to buy more PVC conduit to bury for ICE to get their line to the house from the pole at the gate too. I spent all day yesterday attacking the remains of burn piles, construction debris and raking the layer of crap that has built up around the house. Marked improvement. But will have to hire someone to haul off the piles of non-combustibles.

Am installing a safe closet beneath my stairway to secure valuables. It will need to be custom built. I had a gate maker come in the other day to measure and provide an estimate, which was supposed to arrive yesterday - not. But it's Navidad and the entire country went on vacation this week through New Year's week. Not holding my breath. A New Year's wish.

Am riding my motorcycle around Deadwood in the beautiful sunshine donning my Santa hat and Costa del Mar's. Get's a lot of looks, especially when Apellido is riding with me with paws over the crossbars.

Am starting my snake collection soon. More to come in a future post...

I'm enjoying our newfound privacy here at La Casa Jungla. It's quite peaceful when the kid next door isn't screaming and my dogs aren't terrorizing an armadillo or anteater. I found my iTrip and am back now playing on the boom box the 7000 songs in the palm of my hand I had so missed. The sounds of Ludacris, Hendrix and Sinatra fill the jungle. The monkey's dig it, baby! We're in old Guanacaste, a world away from the construction boom happening around us. Yet I only have to walk a max. of 200 meters to the mini-super, the fereteria, sports bar and now, Deadwood's first ATM machine!!!! Wooo hooo!!!! We've officially reached 2.5 World status!!!!

Gotta pay the electric and phone bills, and deliver a plano to the playground. Pura vida.

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