Friday, January 5, 2007

Ahhh... the Phone Company

ICE (the phone company) came out today to look at the poles we installed for the telephone line - 4 poles that were installed in positions determined by an ICE engineer. Turns out we'll need to install more poles to go around trees that, apparently, were not visible to the engineer even though that's all we talked about while we were locating pole positions. Another technical item reared it's ugly head too as they now will not run cable underground and want to run cable directly from the last pole to the house. I'm going to fight that one. But I still need 2 more poles to get to the last one. Details... They don't exist.

A AyA (water company) hookup broke out where our private road meets the main street yesterday morning. It got worse by the afternoon. Our road is now a muddy river making the opening of our gates a hateful experience. God knows when AyA will show up to fix it. Am thinking of getting a kayak and navigating the rapids.

Called my A/C guy's boss today to give him an earful. They've been coming for 2 hours now all day. Am at my new favorite watering hole using their Wi-Fi, with a view of the road. If I see them, I'll make sure they stop - probably throw my beer bottle at the truck. Maybe that'll get their attention.

The winds have died down and life is pleasant and easygoing again here in Hollywood (on good days it's Hollywood; on bad ones, it's Deadwood). The timing of the winds was kind of a blessing in disguise as most of the dead tree branches hit the ground and not my newly-delivered pickup.

Yeah, I have a garage - it's under that tree over there.

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