Wednesday, January 3, 2007


It's HOT!!! REALLY HOT!! But to add fuel to the inferno of the blazing sun (which I LOVE), it's incredibly windy now. The January winds have arrived with a vengence. At la Casa Jungla, it's like living in a blast furnace, only with dead tree branches raining down upon you from the sky. Most people here in Deadwood don't deal with this issue - they've cut down all of their trees. My wife's nephew was playing outside of our house yesterday and a large branch came crashing down next to him. I had to move him and his Lego condo project to the protection of the porch under one of the balconies. Last night a huge tree blew over across the entire main road through Deadwood. It's root structure had been undermined by earthwork at the development on which the tree formerly resided - it just tipped over. It lay in the street until this afternoon. Chain saws are neatly slicing it up as I type.

I have no A/C in our master bedroom. Yup, it's f*cked up again. And it's brand new. Frio Club was supposed to be by at 6AM today to fix it. At 11AM I called Ivan, who hadn't arrived. He's got the gripe (GREE-pay, or cold) today and won't make it. Didn't occur to him to at least call me or to send someone else. I'm enormously pissed and irritated at these guys! 5 weeks and I'm only running at 50%. Ridiculous, even here! I don't mind the heat. The hotter the better. But my pregnant wife is suffering a bit. Which pisses me off even more.

My stranded pickup may finally be on its way back from S. Jose. I spent half the morning and a good portion of the afternoon yesterday at the bank and on the phone with both the bank and the dealership. The dealership doesn't accept credit cards. So you have to either go to Banco Nacional and make a deposit into the dealership's account with cash, or transfer it directly from your bank account to theirs. After they finally determined the amount I owed them, which had to be paid before they would load the pickup on a flatbed for transport, I went to the bank to do the direct transfer. The dealership gave me the wrong account number. When transferring from one bank account to another you need the "cuenta cliente" account number of the receiver's bank, which is different from the one you would use if you were standing at the teller paying cash. I called the dealer from the bank. They had no idea what a "numero cuenta cliente was". I put them on with the bank rep. When she started rolling her eyes, I knew I was in trouble. After being transferred to Accounting, and then to Legal, we finally were able to obtain the number.

But it wasn't over yet... After the transfer, I had to fax a confirmation to the dealership. The bank said they would do this for me. I had to pay my marchamos (license plate fees) for my motor cycle and pickup anyway, and I could do this at the bank. So I did this while I awaited confirmation on the fax. Paying my marchamos took another 45 mins. By this time, the representative who was helping me with the transfer and fax had left for her 2 hour lunch.

I called the dealership a couple of hours later to see if they had received confirmation. They had not. I called the bank to see what had happened with the fax. Turned out, after much chasing around, that it had been placed in the "Sent Faxes" bin. But after second inspection, it turned out that it had not been sent because the line was busy. They resent it.

This morning I called the dealership again. They had received the funds and fax confirmation! But now they had to line up a flatbed for transport. After another hour of them having to check with el jefe, I had a transport price and a date of arrival - $100 to arrive tomorrow at 8AM. I'm betting it will be 4PM - Friday.

It's sugar cane season and the fields are burning like crazy. The sky looks a dark, foggy, steel blue out over the Pacific, and in just about every other direction you look. The smell of smoke pervaids every location. You cannot escape it, even on a boat. It's amazing.

All that smoke should make for a fantastic sunset tonight. Pura vida!

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