Saturday, January 20, 2007

Less Curve Balls... But They're Coming

Took the 10 AM bus to Center City today to reclaim my pickup. They did a nice job cleaning the engine. Looks like I won't have to rely on my motorcycle afterall.

Am lining up a tree cutter to trim some branches that are interfering with our telephone hookup on the new poles. The ICE engineer was out again a couple of days ago to resurvey. He believes we can skate by with a combination of tree trimming and a couple of extra light guage poles. They want to hook us up on Monday!! Not much time to prepare. The ferreterias in our immediate area are out of the poles, and they all close at 12 PM on Saturdays here in Center City. Too late now.

Am also having my junk yard dogs return Monday AM to clean up the mountain of trash the squatters we evicted from the house next door to us in December managed to manufacture over they're term in the house. Apparently, it was too difficult to walk to the main road to dispose of their trash bags in the two privately maintained 50 gal. oil drums at the mouth of our private road. Nevermind one of the squatters worked every day in the mini-super that hosts one of the drums in front.

So Monday is shaping up to be a crazy day with lots of last-minute antics - lots of curve balls. Am chanting now to prepare...

While lunching at my favorite tico restaurant in Center City today, I discovered an unprotected WiFi network, so I'm checking email, blogging and downloading virus updates, as well as some program updates. Every now and then you get lucky. But then, luck favors the prepared. Revel in it!

Must sign off and get back to meet with Negro, my Nicaraguan tree expert. This guy's amazing. The other day tree fell on the bodega housing the restrooms for a local bar, blown over by the strong Papagayo winds blowing us to pieces right now. Luckily it didn't fall far and struck a major structural member, sparing the bodega. This guy butchered the tree in a matter of minutes, climbing other trees - barefoot - to secure lines to shift the fallen tree's gravitational dynamic as he worked through it. It was art!

Pura vida!

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