Wednesday, February 7, 2007


"Spiders". Until I can get a new well pump, I'm relegated to the bucket and a garden hose for bathing implements. But today I decided to use the bathroom in the "casa blanca" next door (there's a water tank for the house that may have enough water in it to get us through until I can get a new pump). It's and old typical Guanacaste house made of pochote wood that was moved from a finca near the beach town up from us about 30 years ago. Pochote wood is imune to insect infestation. It's a very simple house. Somewhat elegant in it's simplicity. It also has not been occupied since we evicted the squatters in early December.

Soooo... when I began to lather up in the bathroom with the garden hose running at my feet, I was somewhat startled by the immensly proportioned tarantula that jumped out of his/her cozy and formerly dry residence in the shower drain. He stuck to his neutral corner of the shower and I was able to finish washing up without either of us getting too stressed.

Nonetheless, I think I'll be bathing "chingo" in front of the house tomorrow.

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