Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Things around the house have calmed down a bit now and I'm concentrating on my work. We finally got a new well pump and I am now much more clean and well kempt - and less cranky.

Mr. Spock continues to amaze us. Never thought a squirrel would make such a great pet, but he's really got personality. He travels with us just about wherever we go, even on the motorcycle. Today, my wife is in Center City and he's hitching a ride in her shoulder bag to do a little shopping. The Virgin continues to be fascinated by him, and he digs the attention that he gets from another furry, warm body. Appellido continues to give him his unconditional indifference. Glad Mr. Spock isn't a monkey!

Had to finally buy a new cell phone the other day. My Motorola V300 bit the dust. I took it apart to clean it and found corroded guts. The elements are hard on electronics here. I was not able to get my phone pics off of it as the phone continually crashed when I tried to drag and drop the files onto my computer. Kind of bummed.

Of course, the day wouldn't have been complete without a curve ball being thrown. On my way to Center City to purchase a new phone, my pickup started making noises. I pulled up to the taller (I think they're going to reserve a spot for me with my name on it) and had them take a look. The A/C condensor went. So the pickup's been at the taller for the last 5 days. Am motoring around again on my motorcycle, hoping the truck will be ready in the next couple of days.

My wife continues to expand in girth, approaching her 5th month of pregnancy. Last ultrasound indicated 80-90% that we will be having a girl in July. We'll know for sure on 1 March. I'm leaning toward Isabella Maria for a name. But that will change 50 times by July.

I had metal worker who specializes in custom iron gates, rejas and verandas make a security enclosure for the space beneath the stair in the house so I can lock up valuables. He did an excellent job on it! It's more beautiful than the stair ballustrade. He's doing a proposal for a veranda on our wooden balcony.

We picked up some leftover landscaping on the cheap from one of my wife's aunts a couple of weeks ago. The plants have been sitting in front of the house since then. I'm hoping to actually get to digging holes this weekend. I also want to buy some pots in which to plant some of the palms we scored so I can move them around the outside of the house.

It's been hot and windy lately. The fires are burning everywhere. I noticed on my ride in this morning that a couple of wooden telephone poles were the latest victims of these "innocent" conflagrations. One was nearly burned through at the ground. It has probably fallen by now as I type. Someone's without power. Nothing new.

Well, back to trying to make some money so I can buy some furniture and baby stuff.

Pura vida!

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