Monday, February 5, 2007


The Spanish word for "pets". If you've been following my postings, you already know that I have two dogs. Now it's dos perros y una ardilla (two dogs and a squirrel). A kid from the 'hood found a baby variegated squirrel the other day and sold it to me for 1000 colones (less than 2 bucks). He was in OK shape, but not perfect. He had a bad eye infection. The puss had frozen the lid shut on one eye. I cleaned the little guy - whom I dubbed "Mr. Spock" because of a crease in one ear that is reminiscent of a Vulcan ear - and began to apply the eye drops the vet gave me for Apellido's numerouse eye infections. After the second day, all was well, both eyes open, gracias a Dios.

Mr. Spock (pictured at left, click image to enlarge) eats, sleeps and chirps. The local squirrels here look like a negative image of a skunk - black stripe down the back and tail, mixed at the head, white everwhere else, sometimes golden brown. He's incredibly cute! We feed him milk from a syringe. He sleeps curled up, wrapped in a wash cloth that I've placed in a plastic gelato container. He's as good as an alarm clock. At 7AM every day, grumpy and hungry, he emits an ear piercing chirp that you'd swear was the siren of a home alarm system. We pick him up and play with him in the bed for a few minutes of exercise on his shaky legs in the AM before feeding him. Then it's back to sleep until the next home invasion.

Mr. Spock accompanied my wife and I yesterday to watch a dismal Bears Superbowl performance at a local watering hole. I was going to rename him Urlacher when the Bears won. Alas, he shall remain Mr. Spock - until next season.

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