Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mr. Spock

So Mr. Spock, our pet squirrel, has become somewhat of a celebrity here in Hollywood and the nearby surrounds. If someone would have told me three months ago that I would have a pet squirrel, I would have pretty much assumed they were off their medication.

Mr. Spock has proved to be extremely portable. His favorite ride is in my wife's purse. We can take him anywhere in this thing. He was with us in the doctor's office at the beginning of the month for my wife's last ultrasound, unbeknownst to the doctor. We take him to restaurants and bars and he's the star. When he's tired, it's back in the purse.

He digs rides in the car. He likes to ride on the headrest and will do amazing 4-point runarounds to all four of the headrests, pinging off of them like a superball. He does the same at my favorite local watering hole. He'll run across the shoulders of everyone sitting at the bar, then run back at lightning speed. He licks condensation from beer bottles and drinking glasses. He's curious about everything right now. His head is in everything! This goes over hugely!!

Mr. Spock is a chick magnet, much to my wife's displeasure. But she digs him just as much as I do and I always manage to get a smile out of her (followed by the wagging finger).

At the house, his favorite piece of playground equipment is the sliding screen doors. He'll go up and down these things all day long. He loves hanging upside down and eating or cleaning himself. And he loves taunting the dogs out of their reach.

When we're dozing in the hammock outside, he prowels the treetops high above us, playing with branches and tasting just about everything he encounters. When he's tired out, he makes his way down and snuggles up in the hammock with me or my wife.

Mr. Spock is at the office with me now as I type. He digs the fabric of my office chair and is making a game of running around, up and down, and then doing some sort of trapeze thing with the cord I use to secure my sunglasses around my neck. He's swinging almost above the keyboard now. Now he's sitting on my left hand as I type.

Pura vida!

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