Friday, April 20, 2007


I think I spelled it correctly... For most of us an iguana is an iguana. But for ticos there are two types. An iguana is a green iguana, like most you find in pet shops or on posters and T-shirts - and the ones that Nicas love to kill and eat. But a garobo is a spiny iguana. They're a bit more aggressive too. All iguanas are territorial and the males will defend their territory to the death.

Anyway, the morning malais at the dog bowl this morning changed up a bit. The dogs were sleeping. In their place were 4 big garobos - and a squirrel, Mr. Spock. All eating the dry Ascan dog food nuggets in near perfect harmony. Mr. Spock was dwarfed by his fellow dinosaur dining partners but it didn't seem to phase him.

Unfortunately, my phone memory was too low for me to snap a picture or video clip, and my camera was in the safe closet. By the time I had made room, Madona had scared the garobos off and Mr. Spock was high up on the sliding screens.

Something tells me I'll have another opportunity for a future post.

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