Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm Out!!

Haven't blogged for awhile and miss it. I've immersed myself in the real estate business which, as it turns out, just like in North America, is a 24/7 business. I really love it, though it takes a lot of time away that I would normally spend with my wife and "kids" (Mr. Spock, Apellido and The Virgin). As I write this, I realize I've been using the real name of my squirrel, Mr. Spock. And since I'm the only resident of Hollywood with a squirrel, I've pretty much given my identity away. So I'm coming out.

My name is Mike. I work for Better Homes Real Estate Costa Rica in Playas del Coco. I have a pet squirrel named Mr. Spock who continues to amaze us and just about anyone who we encounter. I have two dogs. If you've been following this blog, I've given pseudonyms to my pets. The real name of 'Appellido' is Garcia (named after Freddy Garcia, ex-Chicago White Sox pitcher). 'The Virgin's' real name is Madona. 'Hollywood/Deadwood's real name is Playa Hermosa, Gte., CR. 'Center City' is Liberia. I may disclose my wife's name in a future blog - or not. We're still deciding on a name for our expected daughter. It'll come...

There, I'm out!!

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