Wednesday, August 22, 2007

La lluvia

Pronounced (YU-vee-ah). Spanish for "the rain". It's sunny today, but it's been raining alot lately. We're feeling some of the effects of hurricand Dean, which is spinning/drawing more precipitation our way. The landscaping I've planted around the house (plants I collect from various lacales) is taking off. My orchids are loving the humidity, as are the various molds growing on the roof eaves of La Casa Jungla. I'll wait until the dry season to repaint with anti-hongo paint...

Heavy and steady rains transform everything here. Temperatures are cooler at night - I have to actually pull the sheet over me now in bed - and the landscape is an indescribable verdant green. It's a green only found in nature and one is constantly aware of it's presence as one moves through it. The color green changes as the light changes throughout the day. The grass on the side of the road is nearly 8 ft. high. The rivers and creeks are swollen. The beaches are cafe-colored from runoff - runoff that brings alot of trash with it that ends up washing up on the beach. It's a shame, but until someone makes trash worth money here - especially plastic - this will continue.

We're coming off of the Mother's Day holiday in Costa Rica - the biggest behind Xmas, New Year's and Easter (Semana Santa). The actual 'day' was last Wednesday, but the national holiday (we have 13 official holidays here) was celebrated this Monday. So what ended up happening is that everyone took an 8 day holiday. Interesting to note that Mother's Day is a national holiday, but Father's Day isn't. I asked one of my tico buddies, "Why?", and he replied with a grin, "Well, everyone in Costa Rica knows their mommy, but knowing daddy is significantly less common."

My truck is in S. Jose at the Mahindra agency being "worked on". The German in Sardinal couldn't fix it so he sent it on a grua to the mother ship last Friday. It's still leaking oil, even from the muffler. I am dreading the news of what this will cost to fix. In the mean time, I'm driving a '96 Hyundai Galloper that my partner has leant me. It has ants inside, but the new diesel engine purrs like a kitten...

Laila Davina continues to grow in spurts and amaze us with her daily changes. They do grow up fast! She's shopping in Liberia today with mommy and grandpa, fighting off some of that cabin fever. Life is good. ¡Pura vida!

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