Friday, September 7, 2007


Spanish for "Bleeding". I'm bleeding money right now. Just got the call from the Mahindra agency in S. Jose and the "dolarosa" is $1600 for a new turbo plus mano de obra (labor)! They're charging me for oil and filters that were replaced by the German before the pickup was sent to S. Jose - they've never been used!!!!! To boot, they don't know when they can send the pickup back on a grua. Could be Saturday or Monday, or not.

This wouldn't be a big issue if not for the fact that I have to be in S. Jose at the Dept. of Immigration on Wednesday the 12th to obtain my cedula for residencia at 10:15 AM - and pay my lawyers (more bleeding). There's a chance that the car may not be back in time for me to drive it there. So I'm now in the process of getting a flight to S. Jose (more bleeding) so that I can appear at Immigration and then collect my car at the agency to drive back to Guanacaste. It's the safest bet. If I miss the appointment at Immigration, God knows what will, or will not, transpire afterward.

In Costa Rica, Murphy's Law is the only law that is enforced. There is no other option than to abide by it. ¡Pura vida!

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