Thursday, November 29, 2007

Costa Rica Survival Kit

My clutch is acting up on my pickup so I took it in to Super Sevicio first thing this AM to have it fixed. I have a client from Chicago arriving this afternoon with $4 - $8 million to spend, and I am showing him properties all day tomorrow. But alas, I was thrown a curve ball in the form of a bad auxilary clutch pump that will need to be replaced, but will not arrive from S. Jose until tomorrow - which is precisely when I need my truck to show my client properties. Arghhh!

It's more embarrassing than anything. I'll either have to use my client's car, or rent one. Using his car is easiest, but most embarrassing. Renting at car involves a tiny ballet where I'll pick up my client in my truck and drive to Super Servicios (which is on the way to the properties I want to show my client), drop off the truck and have the rental delivered there. I can then drop off the rental and retrieve my pickup on the way back, and head back to Hermosa with my client. Sounds simple, but what can go wrong, will go wrong.

I'm typing this as I sit at a table in the Liberia Mega Mall (more like a mini-super) waiting for the Universal store to open. I need to get ink cartridges for our Cannon fax/scanner/printer. The yellow cartridge went on the fritz yesterday. We have a guy who refills old cartridges for a quarter of the price of new ones. But I think the old cartridges we have have run their course and I need new ones. I thought the store would be open at 9AM, but curve ball #2 was thrown at me - the store won't open until 10 AM.

So I figured I'd blog a bit at a table in front of the yet-to-open coffee kiosk to pass the time. I'm thinking of putting together a Costa Rica Survival Kit. Waiting is a pastime here, as well as power outages, car problems, computer systems being down, etc. So I was thinking the kit might include:

- 2 good novels to read while you wait (recommended reading: War and Peace, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance).
- A flashlight to illuminate the novels during the power outages.
- Extra batteries for the flashlight to withstand the duration of power outages.
- An inflatable pillow for taking a nap after you've finished the two novels while waiting.
- A fifth of Ron Centenario (rum) for the next day of waiting.
- Bottled water to rehydrate after polishing of the fifth of rum during the next day of waiting.
- Beef jerky to go along with the bottled water.
- Sunscreen in case you're waiting in the sun.
- Ziploc plastic bags for your cell phone and wallet in case you're waiting in the rain.
- A collapseable umbrella in case you're waiting in the sun or the rain.
- A butane lighter in case you need to start a fire to keep warm or finish your novel because the extra batteries for the flashlight are spent.
- A machete to cut fuel for your fire and/or defend yourself.
- Insect repellent (2 cans or bottles).
- A basic First Aid Kit for when you're out of insect repellent and/or get burned by the fire and/or slice yourself with the machete.
- Zip-ties (you can always find a use for these).
- Duct tape (same as for Zip-ties).
- Deoderant (you figure it out).
- A clean, "Have a Nice Day", smiley-face T-shirt.
- Fast patch tire repair kit for the flat you'll get on the way home after you're done waiting.

I'm sure I could sell a million of these things.

Store's open. Gotta go!

Pura vida!

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