Monday, December 3, 2007


Spanish for "Bats". I've got quite a view living in my attic and have been trying to get rid of them in a humane way. I love bats. They're harmless and they keep the bugs down. But I don't like their guano in my house.

On his last visit, my Dad brought down a black box that emits high frequency noises that are supposed to drive the bats, well, "batty", so they'll leave and find another place to live. I placed the box in the attic and it's been chirping away for about 10 days now. The only thing it's done is make the bats move further to the eaves where they're out of reach of the noise.

So I ventured up into the attic yesterday to move the box closer to they're home in the eave over one of my balconies. I made a second trip up to take some pics. The bats are pretty cool looking - black with big ears, dog faces and... tails!!

Here are some pics. Anyone know what kind they are? Or a good way to make them leave and find a new place to live?

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