Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Ayer nunca pasó, y mañana no existe."

I've been getting a lot of laughs, followed by sheepish grins when I sum up my take on Costa Rica in conversations with ticos with whom I'm talking casually or doing business.

The essence of Costa Rica, for me, may be summed up as follows:

Spanish: "Ayer nunca pasó, y mañana no existe."© 2008 Michael Poynton

English: "Yesterday never happened, and tomorrow doesn't exist."© Michael Poynton

Ticos laugh heartily, at first. ¡Pura vida! Then they think about it a little more - about what I'm really saying in so few words. And, without exception, they get a little embarrassed.

Living for the day is what it's all about here. No one thinks about yesterday, and no one thinks about tomorrow (unless it's a vacation day). You live in the moment. No future, no past. Every day is the first day.

Works well when you're on vacation. Doesn't work at all when you're trying to do business. You just get used to repeating yourself over and over again.

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