Friday, March 7, 2008

Pura Mierda

Spanish for "Pure Shit". It's the negative take on Pura Vida (Pure Life).

First of all, I won't even get into the 5 weeks my truck was in S. Jose for "repairs" only to arrive on a flatbed, unstartable!

Monday, I was paying phone bills online and, in a mistake, I checked my cell phone number. Normally, my cell phone is paid via autopay by my bank. I noticed 4 months of unpaid bills. I was in awe that ICE had not disconnected my service.

Tuesday, I went to the bank to find out what the deal was. After several phone calls, the bank representative said that there was some error, but that the bills had been paid, excepting February, the current billing period. Fine. Peculiar, but fine.

After the bank I went to Liberia to drop my cell phone off for repair. I have a Motorola U6 and the LCD screen went black. Meaning I couldn't navigate menus, see incoming numbers, find numbers in my phone book, etc. I changed my voicemail message so that people would know to call me at my other cell number.

Wednesday, my cell phone service was cut. That meant that people who were calling it were not able to get my voicemail to know to call me at my other number. I had to pay all 4 months online. Unfortunately, my office has been experiencing serious Internet problems and maintaining any connection, let alone maintaining a stable one, has been impossible (this is a whole 'nother blog entry). I paid my bills while sitting at the bar at Vida Loca. To ICE's credit, my service was activated within about 5 minutes.

Yesterday, Coopeguanacaste showed up to turn off the electricity at our office. Another autopay failure, but with a different bank! I asked the guys to come into the office and enjoy the A/C while the power was still on, and while I tried to get to the bottom of it all. My secretary called Coopeguanacaste and, sure enough, the bills had not been paid. The solution was easy - pay the bill online. I would deal with the bank later.

But we had no internet connectivity at the office. So I had to grab my laptop, get in my truck and head down the road to Coconutz to mooch WiFi from a parking space in front of the bar. No connection. So I went to my buddy's Century 21 office and begged. No biggie. I logged on to the secretary's computer but soon realized I could not pay the bill from my corporate Banco Cuscatlan account - you can only pay Coopeguanacaste electric bills from a national bank.

So I logged into my persona BCR account and paid the first of two bills. I needed to print a receipt as proof. No paper in the printer. In the end I was able to get the two receipts as proof of payment so that the guys wouldn't shut off the power.

Today, I was planting a couple of palm trees in the yard. We're cleaning up some of the landscape in front of the office to make it more visible from the street and I took home some of the uprooted souvenirs home with me. My first swing with the pick axe resulted in neatly severing the underground conduit and wires that lead to the lighting at my entry gate. If I had been looking for the line, it would have taken me a week to find it. But I wasn't, and that's why I found it.

Also today, a technician came from S. Jose to fix our Internet problem. He left after not fixing it. Then he tried to charge us for the trip.

I will be planting more landscape tomorrow while I monitor the Internet from my house, where my good ol' DSL connection serves me just fine. This is killing my business.

But the weather's nice!

Pura vida!

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