Tuesday, June 3, 2008

¿Vale la pena?

I originally meant to post this on 29 May but am just getting around to it now. The power finally came back on at 7:30 in the evening after 20-1/2 hours. It came on as I was opening the sliding glass doors to go to my brother-in-law's house to take a shower (he has a gravity tank), towel and dop kit in hand, after 2 days of not having done so. ¡Pura vida!

8:00 AM 29 May, 2008

Costa Rican for, "Is it worth it?", or "Is it worthwhile?" It's been raining now for 36 hours straight - compliments of tropical storm Alma (the first ever to form off of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica). The power went out at 11 PM last night and has not come back on. My daughter has been battling a temperature since yesterday afternoon that peeked at 40 degrees C during the night. I have no landline and my cell phone battery is about to die. Our private road looks like the Snake River - you could raft it.

My crippled pickup sits outside in the pouring rain undrivable until I get the new turbo. I finally located a new turbo yesterday at an agency in S. Jose - the only one in the country who supplies them. But in order to get it, I have to get to the bank to make a bank transfer directly from my account to their account - they do not accept credit cards. I can't drive my motorcycle to the bank in this rain to make the transfer so that they can put the turbo on a bus and get it to me, so that I can have my mechanic come by and install it and be driving again.

Without power, I have no water pressure and cannot bathe. I have not showered since day-before-yesterday (it's easy to skip a day when you're working at home). I can't get my morning cup of hot coffee. My office in Coco is without A/C, fax, lights and internet. But the land lines work.

Sometimes I ask myself, "Vale la pena?" - "Is it worth it?". Then I tune into an internet radio station from Chicago and listen to the local news for a few minutes. And I am immediately reminded of why I started a new life here. It's a little tough remembering this morning though, as I have no internet.

So it's off to the bank by taxi - unclean, unshaven and un-coffeed - and happy that IT IS ALL WORTH IT. ¡Pura vida!

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