Friday, November 14, 2008

El Verano

Spanish for "the Summer". Summer arrived about 2 weeks after my "Un Mes Duro" posting as if the Great Almighty flipped a gigantic earth switch. The rain simply stopped, the clouds parted and the sun has been shining (mostly) ever since. My mood has also shifted from wet and glum to scattered clouds and sun.

I've been taking advantage of the great weather to catch up on household chores. I put a new roof, door, hinges, latch and a poured concrete cover over the alcantaria (concrete pipe) that leads down to our well. The zinc was rusted, the pressure tank was about to fall into the well (propped up on a rotting wood cover), there was no door on the well house and the roosters and iguanas were alternatively using it as shelter. It wasn't the most sanitary of situations and I decided to do something about it.

My aleros (soffits) on the house are covered with mold. I had a roof leak fixed by the guy who painted the soffits, presumably with anti-hongo (anti-mold) paint, and pointed out the soffits. He had given me a verbal one-year warranty. I was braced for the excuse. But to my surprise, he said he'd come back after the rain subsided and re-paint at no charge. I talked to him the other day to remind him. He hadn't forgotten, but he hasn't showed up yet. Stay tuned...

"El Rebelde", my pickup, had its first washing in over a month. It was beyond belief. I even had the ceiling vacuumed. There wasn't a square inch of the interior that wasn't covered with sand, mud, dust, baby formula, mold or dog hair. El Rebelde seams much happier and has been running quite well since my mechanic fine-tuned the engine and turbo a few weeks ago. I hope it lasts. Pray Shiva, make it last!!

This weekend it's up on the ladder to replace all of my halogen bulbs on my motion sensor lights that provide a halo of illumination around the house at night. They're a pain in the ass because they need to be cleaned of bugs and spider webs. But the psychological anti-theft deterrent they provide is well worth it. The downside is that the bats have figured out how to dive-bomb the sensors to trigger the lights so they can feast on the smorgasbord of bugs that the lights attract. I still haven't figured out how to get rid of the bats. They seem to be moving around the attic to new locations. I can hear them at 3am crawling across the drywall and saw them the other day when I was tossing moth balls up there to make their bat condo a less desirable place to live. So far, it's all been in vain. They're absolutely fearless too - kinda like a flying rodent mafia.

Am applying for my wife's and daughter's travel visa to the US. This should be fun...

¡Pura vida!