Thursday, February 12, 2009

La Laila, La Chula y El Rebelde

So my mechanic was actually able to make the situation with my pickup, El Rebelde, WORSE than it was before I brought it in. He had just replaced the fan clutch and the roller for the A/C. When I got the car back last week the temperature guage was swinging to and fro like a pendulum, AND I couldn't turn off my A/C!!

So I brought it back on Monday so he could check things out. I went across the street for lunch. When I returned my mechanic told me that I needed a new thermostat. Duh! And nevermind that he drove the damn thing from his shop in Guardia to my house and didn't notice the wildly fluctuating temperature of the engine!

Then he tells me he's checked the problem with the A/C out but it's over his head. He'll need to get an A/C specialist in to check out the roller. He then says that he's removed the thermostat, and that, even though the motor will run colder, it will be fine to drive. Same for the A/C being "ON".

So we shake hands and I start the engine. There's a noise. I open the hood. The roller is smoking. I call my mechanic over. He forgot to put a nut on the roller and it fragged.

So now I'm waiting for a new, new part and am riding my motorcyle, nick-named, La Chula (Spanish for "flirt" or "coquette"). It's been 3 days. She's always reliable.

Laila's now at the age where she likes anything "vrrroooooom!". So she really likes riding on La Chula. Carla and I sandwich her between us and ride between the beach and our house. Laila loves it. When I arrive at the beach restaurant in the evening, she can't wait to sit on La Chula and play with the key, signals and horn.

"Vrrrroooooom!" Pura vida!!

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