Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"...when death is on the line. Ahh, hah, hah...!"

In one of my previous posts, ¡Estupido!, I tell the story of the two guys who screwed up my roof and fascia while trying to fell a tree next to my house that was over a half meter in diameter. I finished with, "It's better to give it to a gringo "...when death is on the line. Ahh, hah, hah...!"

Well, maybe not. The gringo I hired to fell the tree was equally as confident as Cascarita was. And he got a helluva lot farther than Cascarita did. But in the end, the tree ended up on my house. The pictures tell the story.

The the gringo's credit, he dealt with a bad situation magnificently. One of his workers spent most of yesterday morning on my roof cutting the precariously positioned tree into smaller pieces so that we could get a backhoe in to lift the trees off the house. I'm not sure what kind of tree it was, but the wood weighed as much as iron. The guy was an artist with the chainsaw and rope, cutting short pieces with the saw while keeping them from landing on the roof by securing them with the rope.

But the star of the show was the backhoe operator who followed on after the trimming was done. The guy maneuvered his machine to straddle over my septic tank cover AND my landscaping. Then he proceeded with surgical precision to remove the two trunks that had crashed through the roof and were resting on the top of my concrete wall. It was pretty exciting - and nerve wracking - to watch. And when the big trunk was finally laid to rest on the ground, there were high-five's all around.

Semana Santa (Easter Week) is on week away. It's tough to find anyone who wants to work right now, and next week will be impossible. To boot, the arrival of the winter rains is not far off. This was not lost on the gringo who wanted to make things right. I have alot of real estate clients who need grass cut and trees trimmed, and he didn't want a tarnished reputation.

There's a guy repairing my roof and soffits as I'm typing this. I gotta give it up to the gringo "...when death is on the line. Ahh, hah, hah...!". ¡Pura vida!

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