Wednesday, May 6, 2009

¡La Lluvia!

Spanish for, "The Rain!" It rained last night at our house for the first time in nearly 6 months. A sweet, steady downpour that beat down the dust, cooled things off and created that "first rain smell" that only nature is capable of creating - that smell of earth and spores mixed with parched leaves and tinder-dry fallen branches that have not been wet in half a year. ¡Que rico!

My daughter was 16 months old the last time it rained. She was noticeably distressed as we stood on our balcony watching and smelling the downpour, with relampago ("lightning", but not the lightning bolt kind) strobing the landscape around us and freezing drops still in the air as they fell. It suddenly dawned on me then that it was the first time she was seeing rain. She couldn't remember it! What fun!

Invierno, "Winter", has officially arrived here in our little corner of Guanacaste. Things should be lush in another two weeks. The landscape will turn from Tucson brown to Amazon green. The canopy will leaf out and cover the hillsides in coats woven of broccoli. The rainbows and sunsets will display like psychedelic peacocks in mating season. I love the change of seasons, even though we have only two.

¡Pura vida!