Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bahía Culebra Lounge

So now I'm in the bar/restaurant business with my wife, sister-in-law and father-in-law. The restaurant is located on the main street in Playa Hermosa, Gte., across from the fountain at Hermosa Heights - good location. My father-in-law gave his last tenant the boot for not paying rent. So we started kicking around the idea of a restaurant that serves quality tico and gringo food at a reasonable price, with each item having a unique sort of "twist". See the resulting menu on the left.

We started on a shoestring. No grand opening. We just opened the doors and started selling food and drinks. We have four tables, a TV and an iPod Boom Bucket. It's not the way a gringo would do it. But being that I'm the minority gringo and it's low season (not alot of gringos traveling right now) I'm going with the flow. You see, I'm a recovered perfectionist.

Ticos use this method for getting a business off the ground all the time. They start with nothing and slowly add improvements as the clients come and go. There's a certain wisdom to this as you minimize the risk in losing a large investment - if it doesn't work, you're not out much.

So we're waiting for the cervezería to hang the new illuminated Imperial sign with Bar y Rest. Bahía Culebra on it where the previous tennant's sign hangs. I'm having a sign made for the illuminated sign on the building with the name Bahía Culebra Lounge. Right now we have a vinyl sign tacked to the wooden picket screen around the front "porch" eating area that I've written on in permanent marker the name and menu items. We'll have a daily special blackboard hanging at the entrance, and a sandwich sign on the street. Poco a poco.

So far, we've gained a loyal following from the locals in Playa Hermosa, both tico and gringo. The gringos love the portobello mushroom taco and bratwurst w/ saurkraut. The ticos love the burgers and the fried chicken. I love them all. ¡Pura vida!

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  1. 3 weeks in an business is humming along nicely. We're starting to accumulate a loyal following of expats and locals alike. Poco a poco...