Thursday, August 27, 2009

Costa Rica: "So dance or get off the floor."

I saw a posting on a friend's Facebook page - a guy I really like and respect - that really tweaked me the wrong way. It read as follows:

"I don't understand people who live here for more than a few months and are still in love with this place. Being in love with Costa Rica is like falling for a really dumb supermodel. The incredible physical beauty makes for fantastic scenery and ...fabulous adventures, but then you wake up one morning, after having been there and done that, and realize that it's been months since you've had an intelligent conversation."

I posted the following comment:

"I do love this place when I can kick back with my family and the pura vida lifestyle - simple and genuine with lots of laughs. The problem occurs when I have to balance the expectations of North Americans (i.e. my clients) with the reality of every day life down here. The cool ones get it and can ride the swells and troughs. The ones who don't get it make my life here miserable. This ain't New York or Toronto. Things take time and there are cultural protocols that need to play out. It's a dance, and stepping on toes counts against you. You can't just ream things through and threaten to sue everyone and their brother if things don't play out on your North American timeline. No one gives a f*ck about your timeline. So dance, or get off the floor."

Kinda harsh, but I think his posting was even more offensive. Especially from a guy who is working here, ILLEGALLY!! No one's keeping you here, so dance or get off the floor, bro!

¡Pura vida!

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