Friday, October 9, 2009

La Chula: Impounded!

Mike wants his motorcycle back but can't get it back because he can't pay a ticket that someone else incurred while driving his motorcycle without a license, BECAUSE the transito system that registers tickets and is tied in with the national banks where you can pay the fines, as well as the judicial building in Filadelfia that issues a specific vehicle document key to reclaiming a vehicle, has been down since 23 September when the new transit law was supposed to go into effect but was delayed, AND it's a three day weekend here AND no one knows when the hell the system will be back up so that he can pay the fine incurred by someone else, get the key document from the Juzgado, give it back to the Juzgado, get the "get out of jail card" and return to Liberia to get his Chula back!!

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