Friday, October 22, 2010

The Pikin Star

Disclaimer: Nothing that follows can be proven or substantiated. It should be considered rumor and heresay and nothing more. I mean, what are blogs for??

The latest rumors on the mysterious Pikin Star shrimp trawler fire in Bahia Hermosa on Tuesday are:

Alleged: One of the other two trawlers anchored off the beach (supposedly having a crew of Columbians) had a beef with the Pikin Star. The beef started, allegedly, when the Pekin Star's crew ignored the "Columbians" when they had run aground offshore some time in the near past. Supposedly, "Columbians never forget."

Alleged: All Columbians are hookers, drug dealers and murderers who never forget.

Confirmed:  The "Columbians" were mysteriously absent during the attempted rescue of the Pikin Star. They moved their boat farther away from the burning Star so as not to catch a spark. Another trawler tried to assist in dousing the conflagration, to no avail.

Alleged: Someone set fire to the Pekin Star - somehow, in broad daylight with a dog on board (and a shitload of shrimps in the shrimp hold!).

Confirmed: The entire crew of the Pikin Star was at a clandestine bar in Playa Hermosa drinking when the boat caught fire.

Confirmed: The incredibly pissed-off owner of the boat has a daughter here in P. Hermosa. She's granted anonymity here 'cause I know her.

Alleged: Some of the "Columbians" on the rival craft are living in P. Hermosa, at least part-time, when they're not with their real wives. Same goes for the crew of the Pekin Star. There are only a certain number of women to go around here. Not surprising something caught fire.

Confirmed: Not all the shrimp burned. One very foolish woman who bought a giant sack of diesel-soaked leftovers real fuckin' cheap, - even after being warned that they were contaminated - took them home, cooked 'em up and shared them with her sister. Apparently, she thought that if you cleaned them really well and boiled them with lime, you could de-contaminate them - NOT!

Upon gorging themselves (these were big-ass women with a big-ass bag-o-shrimps) they fell ill and were forced to visit a private clinic for treatment of upset stomach, nausea and diarhea. The shrimp were dumped outside the house next to Playa Hermosa School and are stinkin' up the joint. "¡Asquerosisimo!", stated visiting members of El Culto the other night during services at the public school, which also doubles as a private church.

Alleged: None of this is true.

Alleged: All of this is true.

¡Pura vida!


  1. Check out the latest on the relocation and re-sinking of the hull of the Pekin Star to augment the artificial reef in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

  2. The final cleanup. Thanks to Andy Browne for the vid and commentary.