Friday, March 4, 2011

Need to Renew Your Tourist Visa?

¡A vestirnos de blanco por la paz este 8 de Marzo! In English, "Dress in white for peace this March 8th!"

Which also happens to be the date that the International Court of Justice in The Hague (ICJ) is due to render its decision on Costa Rica's request for temporary measures stopping Nicaragua from continuing the dredging of the San Juan river, and the removal of its troops from Isla Calero.

If the ruling does not go in favor of Costa Rica, Presidenta Chinchilla will walk away with egg on her face - and probably on her white clothing too - and Costa Rica will look weak for not taking a harder line in the opening days of the dispute. If the ruling does go in favor of Costa Rica, Daniel Ortega, who has stated that he will abide by the ruling - even after telling the OAS to stick their ruling in favor of Costa Rica up their culos - may not abide by it and keep his Nicaraguan troops there. That would force La Presidenta into a tougher position, and she may be forced to take a harder line, possibly by closing the border between the two countries. She has stated that she will not negotiate with Managua until the troops are removed.

So if any of you Gte. expats out there without residencia need to renew your 90 day tourist visas, you may want to bolt to San Juan del Sur or Granada in the next couple of days.

OH!! And be sure to wear white!!

¡Pura vida!


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