Friday, August 26, 2011

The Super Veterinaria Liberia

My pulse quickens, my testosterone surges and I get a little pep in my step when we go to visit the Super Veterinaria Liberia in Guanacaste! My favorite "guy place" to go shopping in Liberia, Guanacaste! (Gimme a Tim Allen, "Arrh, Arrh, Arrh!").

Though, there are some items available for purchase by women - mostly related to cats - guys can buy just about anything and everything manly here. Gas powered chain saws, weed whackers, guns & rifles, work boots, cowboy boots, horse saddles, fertilizer, dog food, chicken feed, knives, machetes, medicines for horses/cattle/dogs, rope, cowboy hats, roosters, puppies, goldfish, bunny rabbits................ Ummmm.... Ok....... so the last three items only apply to gay men, and maybe the cowboy hats and boots too. But the point is, we're all men and the Super Veterinaria Liberia doesn't disappoint!

Yesterday's mission was to purchase 10 kilos of dog food and a couple of kilos of fertilizer for my fruit trees. But! As is such with many missions, something went awry and my 4-year old daughter left with a plastic bag containing a female Siamese fighting fish. That's right! A girl fighting fish, and in the hands of a little girl! WTF?!

But, hey!! What am I saying?! It was a freakin' Siamese fighting fish, right?!! I mean, if you mentally block out the female part, that's freakin' manly!! Arrh! Arrh! Arrh! Mission accomplished!

Pura vida!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Copos (literally, "flakes" - as in "snow flakes") are sold on the street and on many of the popular beaches of Costa Rica by copos vendors pushing two-wheeled carts with insulated compartments that house a large block of ice (maqueta de hielo). The carts are also outfitted with holders for flavored syrups ("blue"/chicle/bubble-gum, "red"/kolita/kolita, "white"/coco/coconut, "purple"/uva/grape, "green"/limón/lime, "orange"/naranja/orange), paper cups, spoons and straws.

The vendor has a cool shaving contraption that probably has a name, but I don't know it. It holds an inverted cup and directs the ice shavings up into it as the block is shaved. There's some technique involved and it's fun to take part in the spectacle of the "production" of the copo. Copos have been the cool, rich, sickeningly-sweet favorites of non-diabetic kids and adults alike for generations.

Wanna see how it's done? Here's a video I took today while walking the dogs on the beach that'll give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I can't share with you the sugar rush and the snow cone headache that these things pack.

The sugar buzz one gets from one of these streetwise delicacies is intense, even for an adult. Give one to a three or four-year old and you'd better get your catcher's mit or goalie goves ready.

P.S.: No worries! I was able to walk my buzz off and didn't have to go to the hospital. Phew!

Pura vida!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Frutales II

In early October of last year I blogged about my fruit trees in "Frutales". I was just re-reading that post and looking at the pics I took that day. I was blown way by how much my little trees have grown in 10 months.

I posted this video the other day on my Facebook page and was kind of surprised by some of the comments I received. I guess I take gardening for granted. Because I found out that there are a lot of people who try hard at it, yet don't get the results I do. I guess I have the green thumb. I'm flattered - and fortunate.

I get a great deal of satisfaction out of gardening. There's just something about nurturing a living thing and getting something back from it in return that's extremely gratifying, validating. And I love being out in nature, getting dirty and sweaty, getting blisters and cuts, callusing my hands in the company of the bugs, birds, monkeys and other plants and animals (i.e. my 4-year old daughter). I love the smell of soil, the "zing" of the machete and even the sting of ants. It's real, palpable. I feel alive.

And in case you didn't notice, it's amazing how fast things grow here!

¡Pura vida!