Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cut the Costa Rica Real Estate Bullshit

I'm un-mothballing my blog! It's good to be back.

I've been reading realestate blogs today about CostaRica... All of them tell prospective buyers what they want to hear - not what they need to hear. So here's my blog post (it's not long-winded like the ones I read today):

"Costa Rica, at best, is as f*cked up as the US and Europe (maybe both combined). You need a suitcase full of cash and two full of patience if you want to accomplish anything. You need a pioneer mentality in order to survive - no pussies. But the weather's great and you don't have to wear shoes or a tie. And everyone is genuinely happy and lives longer doing more with less. That's 'pura vida'."

For goodness sake! What's wrong with just telling it like it is, guys?

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